Addiction, Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Business Times Features High Sobriety

Cannabis Business Times digital publication recently featured High Sobriety in discussing advances in the medical cannabis research act and how it can effect the way we use cannabis in addiction recovery.

While details remain to be worked out, the bill has some serious traction in a legislative session that otherwise hasn’t embraced cannabis reform bills. Nine states have legalized adult-use cannabis markets, and two more are eyeing ballot issues for the same in November. In all, 31 states have legalized medical marijuana programs. The momentum, as everyone in the industry is well aware, is not slowing. “Marijuana prohibition has been a disaster,” U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said in the committee meeting. “It’s time for Congress to catch up.” Sherry Yafai, director of research and development at High Sobriety (a cannabis-inclusive recovery environment in Los Angeles) and project lead at the UCLA Cannabis Initiative, told Cannabis Business Times that the bill would be a boon for organizations like hers.

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