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High Sobriety Featured on High Times

High Sobriety was recently featured in the leading cannabis industry publication, High Times.

High Sobriety is a rehabilitation center in Venice Beach, California, that offers “cannabis inclusive recovery” for its patients. It is the first-of-its-kind to integrate cannabis in addiction recovery.

Founded by Joe Shrank, a 47-year-old former alcoholic now 20 years sober, High Sobriety serves as an alternative option to those who “reject the idea that total abstinence in AA” is the only way to cure addiction.

Their website explains: “The majority of other recovery programs are staffed with ‘recovering’ addicts and alcoholics. Most of these individuals participate in a 12-Step Program, which they believe, is the one path that helped them get clean and sober.”

According to Schrank, a clinical social worker, journalist and policy advocate, the total abstinence approach only works for about 25 percent of individuals, while the remaining 75 percent, who might have used different methods in curing their addiction, are unwelcome in the overall conversation on substance abuse.

High Sobriety offers various alternatives that include cannabis-inclusive modalities. This means that users of drugs with a known lethal dose, such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids and alcohol, are not asked to quit cold turkey. Instead, they replace lethal drugs with cannabis, which is not known to have a lethal dose.

“Cannabis can aid in the cleansing process, helping with discomfort, insomnia and flu-like symptoms associated with the withdrawal process, reducing or eliminating the need for other drugs,” said Schrank.

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