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High Sobriety, New Rehab Center in Los Angeles Treats Addiction with Marijuana | L.A. Times

Here’s a piece from Today’s LA Weekly about High Sobriety. We are all for dissenting opinions, debate helps us all.
While we thought the article was fair, here’s our response:  

“Evidence has shown that Medical cannabis can significantly reduce opiate use in patients taking large doses of opiate pain medication. Scientific studies show that opiate deaths are significantly lower in states utilizing medical Cannabis and up to 90% of medical cannabis users, don’t drink alcohol. Further studies have shown CBD to reduce opiate craving response in Clinical trials. Remember the current long-term prescription for opiate addiction ‘go to a 12-step meeting’ is 100% not scientifically based yet Dr. Laura Ray probably has no problem with programs that utilize that approach.”

A new rehab facility opening in West Los Angeles promises to treat drug addiction in a new and exciting way: by giving addicts drugs.

High Sobriety bills itself as “cannabis inclusive treatment” and stands in direct contrast to most treatment centers, which preach complete abstinence from mind-altering substances, including alcohol and marijuana. According to its website, High Sobriety uses marijuana to help patients detox from drugs and alcohol, as well as part of the center’s continuing care.High Sobriety was founded by Joe Schrank, a recovering addict who himself has been abstinent from drugs and alcohol for more than 20 years and who once worked as a counselor at Promises, Malibu. He later started one of New York City’s first sober living homes, which earned him a flattering profile in the New York Times’ style section in 2011.

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