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Maricopa County Attorney Weed Shames War Veteran

Maricopa County is home to over four million people. Over the last 20 years, there has been growth of cancerous proportions, daily swallowing dessert with tract housing and a new Home Depot, It’s often in the news for the controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio. Just below the manicured golf greens and plastic surgery matrix lies a dark world rife with drug trafficking and violence. Maricopa County is the kidnapping capital of America. Former governor Jan Brewer indicts a porous boarder for he drug issues in Maricopa. It would seem that with all the explosive growth, kidnappings and drug trafficking, county attorney, Bill Montgomery, would have his hands full. A busy man to be sure and obviously, he does what anyone would do, focus on cannabis.

Arizona is a western state. Flanked between Colorado, reaping the benefits of legal cannabis and Nevada, beginning to reap the same benefits. Arizona also looks to California on he cusp of being the largest legal market in he world and has to wonder: ‘should we?” The debate is again heating up in Maricopa and thus, a video of Bill Montgomery has been resurrected, to the consternation of his staff. The video is a hearing where a Vietnam vet is shown advocating for cannabis. He credits weed for helping him with various ailments. Benevolently, Montgomery seems to give his blessing for medical applications. It’s when the vet honestly discloses that he uses cannabis as a recreational form of intoxication that the County attorney questions the vets patriotism and calls him an enemy. httpss://

That’s just how much some hate cannabis. A man who was shot at for the country is an enemy for using a form of intoxication that is safer than alcohol. Effectively, Montgomery weed shamed a vet for making a good decision. Traumatized vets with booze and pills are a powder keg of potential harm to self or others, not so with cannabis. Cannabis is a safer (it’s safe but we have to say safer) option than alcohol by any metric.

I spoke to Mr. Montgomery’s office today and the exasperated staffer did her best to deflect any question. “That video is two years old”, she said. As if there is an expiration date on the comment. She went on to express frustration that the pesky video has again, reared it’s head. As the legalization efforts again ramp up, get used to questions about this video. I asked the simple question I always do of anti cannabis warriors: “Does the County attorney drink alcohol?”. The staffer said she didn’t know but she has never seen him drink in the office. Fair enough. Also easy enough to find out. She was more generous than most and offered her email to pass on any questions to the County Attorney. I had two. “Do you drink alcohol?” And “Are cannabis users enemies of the state?”

I am a frequent caller to the offices of anti cannabis politicians. Not being thin skinned, I have no expectation of any response. I have come to anticipate terse answers and canned responses followed by nothing at all. To Bill Montgomery’s credit he was generous with his response to me. In the not great column was his actual response, generous though it may be. In a play out of the Trump handbook, Montgomery denied the claim, saying it was “out of context”. The exchange is complete and it’s on video. Montgomery did regale me with his service record. Thanks for your service, sir, but that doesn’t respond to the questions in any way. Rambling and just plain weird, his response was better left in his head, and so, we still don’t know if the County Attorney drinks, I’m guessing he does. In which case, if cannabis users are enemies, what are alcohol users? Here is his response. Watch the video, his account of it is way off.


Author: Joe Schrank, Editor-in-Chief