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Marijuana Can Help Cure the Opioid Epidemic, Fox Business Report

Fox Business Reporter Lisa Kennedy Montgomery reports on the effectiveness of marijuana in the battle against the opioid epidemic

The chronic has reached critical mass. A new Quinnipiac poll shows the highest number of respondents ever have less and less of a problem with you getting high. Sixty-three percent polled support cannabis legalization, and 93% approve of medical marijuana with a meager 5% opposing. There’s no fuzzy math here, it’s very straight forward and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his anti-pot crusade are on the losing side of the argument.

The Senate Health Committee recently unanimously approved an anti-opioid bill that’s desperately seeking to combat the health crisis that has taken more American lives since 2000 than during World War II. There are a number of elements and amendments that mostly center on shorter term pain prescriptions, finding non habit-forming alternatives and stopping drugs at the border.

As plain as the green on your reefer, two studies show a direct correlation between marijuana and opioid use. One shows states with legal cannabis have 2.2 million fewer daily opioids prescribed and the other a 25% drop in opioid overdose deaths in places with medical pot laws.

What does Jefferson Beauregard Sessions say about that? He kind of shrugs and says he doesn’t think that will be sustained in the long run. Jeff Sessions won’t be sustained in the long run because his ass-backward anti-liberty thinking is the very thing that’s getting people killed!

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