Medical Marijuana

Message from Reverend Al is Higher Than Heaven

High Sobriety is certainly concerned with the individual members of our cannabis inclusive community. We want them all to flourish and to disentangle from egregious drug use, moving forward to healthier lives.  As much as we are concerned for individuals, We also work at a mezzo/macro level. The surrounding laws and criminalization of cannabis use not only create trauma but they prevent people from accessing medicine that can relive suffering. Cannabis can alleviate many maladies, even the vice grip of addiction, so why is it an endless fight and debate to let people access this option?

Right in the shadow of our own palm trees, Los Angeles is home to the Cannabis World Congress and Business expo. It’s a big meeting of people clamoring for position in the green rush. The new attitudes about cannabis use have shifted and while it’s been used since forever, the criminalization has produced a clandestine world which means a few things:  a tax free industry moves stealthily through the culture. Another issue is, black folks pay a much steeper price than white folks. In Trumps America that’s called “playing the race card”. Ok, I played the race card but it’s true. making a pat and disparaging comment doesn’t negate racism. Of all the many things that we don’t consider with cannabis, race relations is one of them. The new cannabis economy offers a chance to correct some of those wrongs.

The keynote speech today at the conference was delivered by controversial figure, Reverend Al Sharpton. The reverend is accused of grandstanding, profiteering from tragedy, as well as tax fraud. None of that mattered today as he delivered his message about cannabis. The reverend made some salient points regardless of his history or alleged wrongdoings. Sharpton articulated the simple inequality with cannabis: “white folks are going to the bank, black folks go to prison”. He is correct. In an illegal market, sales and distribution is crime, now legal,  its entrepreneurship. The reverend further discussed the inhumane practice of letting people suffer needlessly when cannabis is available as an option. Both of these effects of criminalizatio are wrong, contrary to values inherent to humanity and pretty much just plain stupid.

High Sobriety is committed to our families and clients but we are also committed to social justice. The bull we have rung has given us a media platform the likes of which hasn’t been seen. We are aware of our responsibility with our growing voice. Today our message is simple, the inherent issues of race relations and equality must be part of the discussion as cannabis grows and develops as an industry. Whatever cannabis use is or may be, it can no longer be framed as “crime”.

Author: Joe Schrank