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NFL Kicks Off Sanity in the Playbook, Cannabis to be Studied

Cannabis to be Studied by the League as Pain Management for Players

Few systems in American life are as important as sports. Fans cross all demographic, social and cultural lines. It’s one of the things that America does really well, we love our sports and our athletes. Sports has the power to inspire and unify. The cubs World Series victory was a much needed boost for Chicago a classic American city beleaguered by gun violence.

With millions of fans from all walks of life, The NFL may well be America’s signature on the modern world. In spite of a system rife with problems, it’s a beloved American ritual on Sundays in the fall. Not so long, breast cancer was spoken about in hushed tones and secret family meetings. With the disease, shame carried an unneeded burden in the fight for health. The NFL pioneered pink cleats. A small but meaningful gesture that brought breast cancer out of the shadows and into the main stream. That shift helped. Before the military, schools, or lunch counters were integrated, baseball led the way to civil rights with Jackie Robinson on the legendary, Brooklyn Dodgers.

The NFL has a current policy regarding cannabis that is as arcane as the rest of he culture. There is “tough on crime, zero tolerance” rhetoric that isn’t helpful. Cannabis may be an option for many players as a way to manage pain. At the moment, pain management is powerful pain killers, dangerous if misused and highly addictive. Cannabis offers a safer alternative. The NFL has an opportunity to lead the way. In addition to the medicinal potential, the NFL should make a clear statement that young black men bear the brunt of the drug war and that is wrong.

It would be a bold move and will take time but should the NFL allow for the use of medicinal cannabis, the culture would fall like dominoes, unlocking the potential to aid people without shame or secrecy. Last week the NFL made news by considering cannabis is an option. High Sobriety supporters safe living and examining all options with pain management which may include cannabis. The NFL would be a major victory in the cultural fight to sane drug policy.

Author: Joe Schrank

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