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Take a Chill Pill, Senator Roberts. (R Kansas)

Yesterday during the Steve Mnuchin confirmation hearing, things got a bit heated. Why do conservatives ever attempt comedy? Like many, they have no timing, an irony shortage, and seem to relish in odd things. What one can only suggest was an attempt at being wry and witty, career politician, Pat Roberts of the bankrupt state of Kansas suggested he give a Valium to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. For added effect, Robertson reached into his pocket. There were a few polite chuckles, one from Mnuchin himself but the delivery resulted in the uncomfortable feeling when watching a novice stand up comic die on stage. 


Is this funny? It’s not and not just because it’s comedically trite. It demeans people with drug issues and makes light of the overdose problem. To be clear, Valium is an abusable benzodiazepine, misused it can be lethal. It also speaks to the dependence on the pharmaceutical mindset, a pill for everything, apparently even for political dissent. The reliance on abusable controlled substances in pill form is at least in part, responsible for the overdose quagmire. So what’s with Pat Roberts himself? What’s his record like on drug issues? Does he drink alcohol?


Senator Roberts was a resounding “yes” on SB 625 which increased the penalties for drug dealing. Apparently, passing around ones Valium doesn’t count, Senator? Roberts is one of those guys in the senate who is just a fixture, the ones who reach a point where they have been there for so long, it would be disorienting to change, it’s like a bad marriage where people aren’t really happy but they the inertia takes over and it just keeps going. As a result of becoming senate furniture, Roberts has been on many committees. Among them: nutrition, health care, primary health and retirement security, children and families. Those are odd options for a guy who passes around controlled substances as a joke. 


This is typical hypocrisy of people like Senator Roberts, pills are fine, a joke, really but cannabis should come with stiffer and stiffer penalties. As always, I’ll bet the senator drinks, plenty. 


Author: Joe Schrank