Addiction, Medical Marijuana

Terpenes and Testing Magazine Covers High Sobriety

High Sobriety was recently featured on Terpenes and Testing Magazine, a publication catering to the science enthused professional with daily cannabis news, research, and opinions. 

High Sobriety is a cannabis-inclusive recovery environment based in Los Angeles that permits the use of medical cannabis to aid in addiction recovery. We spoke to High Sobriety’s Director of Research and Development, Sherry Yafai, MD, to learn more about her work and how she started practicing cannabis medicine.

Dr. Yafai is an emergency medicine physician whose journey to cannabis had a personal origin. Two of her family members received medical cannabis recommendations, which opened up a lot more questions than could be answered. After six months of digging into the research, Dr. Yafai realized that she needed to get involved in medical cannabis to provide better information to patients that sufficiently addressed their needs.

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