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Using Cannabis to Treat Addiction, A Personal Story

Here is a reader who is good enough to share his personal experiences with us. As always, we suggest seeing a doctor before attempting any dramatic change like a detox. The point here is that Rod was about to kick a life-threatening drug with help from cannabis. Not everybody has the same road but for Rod, he is doing great. 

I am a 58-old male. I started using powder cocaine in 1976. I continued to use it every day until Dec. 31,1990. At that time, I knew I had to quit or I would probably be dead. I smoked Cannabis the whole time I was doing coke. When I quit using cocaine I continued to smoke Cannabis every day. I never had any withdrawals or any real problem quitting, I knew it was just something I had to do, it was life or death for me.

I never did understand why so many have such a hard time quitting and it was not hard for me. I did have cravings, but I have not touched cocaine in over 25 years now.

I know Cannabis can help people get off hard drugs as I have seen it first hand with myself, as well as my stepson who was addicted to opioids. He also got off them by smoking Cannabis. He had 7 back surgeries and was prescribed about 15 pills a day, which he quadrupled till he was doing 60 pills some days. This was through a pain management clinic., he was hooked in just a few weeks. After he had a spinal fusion surgery he was forced by me to quit the pills. He did not do rehab or treatment either. He uses Cannabis daily to control his pain and very rarely takes any pills unless it is necessary for his pain.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have if you think it will be of any help to anyone.

Thanks, Rod